Happy Hour Event at BORDER GRILL MANDALAY BAY – HD Expo 2015

May 13th 2015 – As part of the HD Expo 2015, AFM held a Happy Hour event at the “Border Grill Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas,” and we can say that it was a massive hit!

After a hectic day on the show floor, everybody needs some R&R and the Border Grill was able to provide great food, great drinks, and a great atmosphere! Of course, what really makes a good party are the people there, and it was great to see old and new faces having a great time! AFM is dedicated to creating real relationships with all our clients and events like these are just are way of reaching out and saying thank you!

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AFM Contract at BD West 2015 Trade Show

For the 2015 BD West trade show AFM collaborated with the Dallas-based design firm SeifertMurphy to create a memorable capsule collection. Inspired by the idea of the modern hearth, we showcased pieces that blended the traditional with the modern to create truly innovative and classic pieces.

Founder and CEO Harry Chou was in attendance, along with Product Consultant Lyle Thompson, and it was great to meet current and past clients as well as meeting potential future clients! BD West has always been a great show that showcases both the established design and manufacturing companies as well as giving the world a taste of new and upcoming companies as well. It was a great show, with a great atmosphere, and on top of everything we can say that Lyle’s outfit was a hit!

See you next year BD West!